Company Profile

Switch is the independent leader in exascale data center ecosystems, edge data center designs, industry-leading telecommunications solutions, and next-generation technology innovation. Switch Founder and CEO Rob Roy has developed more than 700 issued and pending patent claims covering data center designs that have manifested into the company's world-renowned data centers and technology solutions.

Switch’s advanced data centers are at the center of our platform and provide power densities that far exceed industry averages due to our highly efficient propriety cooling systems, while also being powered by 100% renewable energy. Switch is the only multi-tenant data center provider in the world to achieve certified Tier IV Design, Tier IV Facility, and Tier IV Gold in Operational Excellence. While these certifications have been the highest classifications available in the industry, we are building our current facilities to a proprietary Tier 5 Platinum standard, which exceeds Tier IV standards. Our platform fosters powerful network effects and nurtures a rich technology ecosystem that increases in value to our clients as the platform continues grow. We currently have more than 950 customers, including some of the world’s largest technology and digital media companies, cloud and managed service providers, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and telecommunications providers. Importantly, we have delivered 100% uptime across all of our data center facilities since inception.

The growing nexus between internet connectivity, hybrid and multi-cloud services, data and analytics, and the advancement of computational processing power is rapidly expanding the amount of data that enterprises are required to access and manage. At the same time, the Internet of Everything is driving exponential growth in the number of available data sources – as utility grids, automobiles, aircraft, home appliances, wearable devices, and numerous other sources are connecting to the internet. The compute capacity necessary to manage and analyze this data is also advancing and demanding increasing amounts of power to operate. We believe that traditional technology infrastructure is no longer capable of supporting the growing wave of mission critical data and increasingly powerful IT equipment used by enterprises.

We presently own and operate four primary campus locations (“Primes”), encompassing 12 active multi-tenant data center facilities with an aggregate of up to 14 million gross square feet (GSF) of space. Our existing facilities are equipped to provide up to 490 megawatts (MW) of power, with the potential to scale to more than 1,300 MW upon full build out of our existing footprint. The four Switch Primes consist of The Core Campus in Las Vegas, Nevada; The Citadel Campus near Reno, Nevada; The Keep Campus in Atlanta, Georgia; and The Pyramid Campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Switch Primes are strategically located in geographies that combine the following key attributes: access to low-cost and renewable electricity, low latency connectivity, low cost of living, a business-friendly tax environment for customers deploying computing infrastructure, and reduced risk of natural disasters compared to major metropolitan markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Chicago, New York, Northern Virginia, and Miami.

As a result, Switch is able to offer the world’s most advanced technology ecosystems and multi-tenant data center facilities while providing a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to end user clients. We believe this unique combination of quality, resiliency, and reduced cost creates an extraordinary value proposition that is unmatched by our peers, positioning Switch as the leading destination for mission critical enterprise IT workloads and hybrid multi-cloud deployments.